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photo of Tad  Jacks the Head of School
Tad Jacks
Message from the Head of School

I am delighted you are considering The Craig School for your elementary, middle or high school student.  We have a deep focus and adherence to values essential for a community of students who have language-based learning disabilities. Families seek our support and direction because we have delivered on providing skills-based curriculum over the more than three decades we have helped students become confident learners.I believe you have found a potential home here.

The Craig School helps kids with reading and math challenges stemming from diagnosed learning issues.  We also help them by reducing the anxiety and frustration associated with having struggles daily to learn.  My personal journey is that in elementary school, I had trouble with reading. Similar to our  Craig parents, my parents found a school for me to unlock my potential, to learn, and to gain confidence.   I started that school at the end of  Fourth Grade. It gave me the skills and confidence to read fluently, to embrace my learning style, and to become my own advocate. With solid skills, systems and tools to learn, I completed my last two years of high school in another school - mainstream, independent, and a Quaker school. As I  like to say at Craig, I was ready "to fly". While in college, I decided I needed to work in education and to be part of the equation of how important it is for students to be in the right place- both academically and emotionally.   I am grateful to be able to serve and lead a school where the same type of learning challenges I had as a youngster exist, and I can make a difference for the students in our care.

Educational excellence in a school happens when a school knows who it is and what it is about.  The Craig School has two locations- one for grades 2-8 and one for grades 9-12. Each campus focuses on delivering direct instruction to the learning-disabled student.  Each campus has the same educational mission,  but with slightly different age-appropriate emphasis, objectives and purpose.

I  hope you will explore the world of Craig via this website. You will find a potential solution for your child.

Tad  Jacks
Head of School
Teaching, coaching, and administrative leadership positions at Friends School of Baltimore, The Odyssey School, and Wooster School.  B.A.  Washington College,  M.A.S. The  Johns Hopkins University.

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