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At The Craig School, students have access to opportunities to supply their university resumes with leadership positions, athletic participation, fine arts involvement, and community service. Students engage in classroom discussions, college counseling support, and real-life service experience inside and out of the classroom.

Beginning freshman year, through supportive and differentiated guidance, the Director of College Counseling partners with students and families to navigate through the rigors of applying to universities and colleges of the student’s choice, empowering them to succeed in their college application process.

The Craig School’s unique Self Program addresses all levels of “self,” leading students to the ultimate goal of self-advocacy, that is, one’s understanding of their specific needs, knowing what help or support address those needs, and communicating those needs to teachers and others.

This collective of specialized courses provides progressive guidance and opportunity for students to learn who they are as citizens and scholars. Students explore their core competencies, abilities, strengths, and passions as they prepare for life after high school.

Freshman Foundation: Self and Group Dynamics present students with a series of self-assessments on learning styles and proclivities, strengths assessments, and multiple intelligence inventories. Students gain a better understanding of their strengths and aptitudes along with areas for continued growth. Tools are taught to help them navigate a complex world. Both inter-and intra-personal skills accompany the 9th-grade journey of self-discovery.

During Sophomore Seminar: Career Awareness and Preparation students begin their formal transition planning. The process begins with a focus on career awareness and workplace skills. Core elements to our 10th-grade seminar course include multiple intelligences, goal setting, career fields, and self-advocacy skills.

Junior Seminar: College Awareness and Search Strategies help students learn more about college and post-secondary options along with comprehensive academic accommodations and navigating the college process, such as college information, applications, interviewing, and resume writing. During junior year, students and parents meet with the Director of College Counseling to develop a plan culminating in a personalized college and postsecondary list of recommendations and options unique to each student.

Finally, Senior Seminar: College Life provides students tools for a smoother college transition by covering all aspects of college and campus life, including differences between high school and college academics, IDEA v. ADA, and independent living. During senior year, the Director of College Counseling works with students one-to-one assisting school visits, interviews, and applications to respective colleges and universities.

The Craig School is an acknowledged ACT and SAT Test Site Center for students at The Craig School and works directly with the ACT and the College Board to pursue and provide students with the testing accommodations they are entitled to and need to be successful. Students engage in test preparation for the ACT and the SAT to familiarize and prepare them for either college admissions test.

Annual College Counseling events include:

  • The Craig School Alumni Grad Panel is a long-standing tradition at The Craig School well-attended by parents and students across campus divisions.
  • The Annual Craig School College Fair is geared for students with learning disabilities and most importantly, specifically created to address the needs and concerns of Craig School students and families. Over 30 college and postsecondary programs are on exhibit providing a focused opportunity for students to meet representatives and learn more about educational and career options.
  • Library Research & College Writing Workshops
  • College Campus Visits
  • Guest College Visitors Series featuring presentations by college Admissions Representatives
  • CHS Grad Panel 2019 Alumni Bios
  • Frank  Cierpial, CHS Class of 2009 College:
  • University de Cery-Pontoise- Paris France
  • Tyler Czubachowski, CHS Class of 2016
  • College: Ramapo College  Mahwah, NJ
  • Camille Incao, CHS Class of 2017
  • College: Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics and Cosmetology – Pine Brook, NJ 
  • Peter Jager, Class of 2018
  • Program: Morris County School of Technology – Denville, NJ
  • Mihir Jacinto, Class of 2018
  • College: Pace University – NYC

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