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Nearly 100 attend the Alumni Reunion

At 6:00 pm on Friday, January 5th there were 10 pizzas, two gigantic 6′ long subs, a fruit bowl, sheet cake, and gallons of soda and water. By 9:30 pm all that remained was about 4 bottles of water and about 1/2 a liter of soda. The appetites of Craig alums seem to have grown if that is possible. However, judging from the size of a few  8th grade graduates, perhaps the food consumption is not surprising. Even the recent 12th grade graduates seem to have put on a few inches!

The alums came from afar to see their friends and former teachers. Doug had flown in from Australia the night before on his way back to American University. Steve had just come back from vacationing in Hawaii before returning to Fairleigh Dickinson. Even a few parents showed up to trade stories.

The soda and food consumption began in earnest once the basketball games got under way. Mr. Furlong and Mr. Cap officiated with the help of Mr. Snowdon. Everyone had a chance to play – both men and women. Who won? Seems that is debatable. It is probable that the Black team won for the second year although there was a bit of a breakdown in the score keeping. No big deal! It was a great fun evening.

The induction of the  Badger Athletic Hall of Fame recipient was somewhat delayed while the photographer ran to find a replacement battery. But no matter, Mr. Furlong regaled the throngs with stories of former students. Remember the one about Matt’s backyard roller coaster? When all was ready, Mr. Furlong recounted the accomplishments of Brian Kerwin on the basketball court both at Craig and at Immaculata High School and welcomed him as the 4th alumnus to receive the trophy. The Badger Athletic Hall of Fame trophy was first awarded in 2006.


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