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Week of November 16th

This week’s Newsletter will lead us into Thanksgiving Break and cover us for the next two weeks.  We guess that means it might make sense to read it twice!  Just a gentle reminder that we will be closed on Tuesday, November 23rd which is a change from the original 12PM close.  If you haven’t already, please let your transportation company know about the scheduling change or they will be outside your house that morning! 

Dr. Cap



Tuesday, November 17th

   Afterschool Volleyball Intramural League (3-4:30PM)

Monday, November 23rd

   Afterschool Volleyball Intramural League (3-4:30PM)

Tuesday, November 24th

   Closed: Thanksgiving Break

*Change to School Calendar. Contact Transportation Companies

Tuesday- Friday, November 25-27

   Closed: Thanksgiving Break


Program Spotlight

Student’s Poems Published:  Earlier this year, students from Ms. Gallagher's writing classes submitted poetry to a nationwide writing contest.  The contest was entitled Through Their Eyes and was offered by Young Writers USA.  Their challenge was to create a poem that was written from someone or something else’s point of view.  The Craig School-High School is very proud to announce that all of our students' submissions, selected from over 5000 entries, were chosen for publication.  Below is a group picture of our published writers and their proud teacher, Mrs. Gallagher.

Left to right: Aidan Marshall (Music), Derek Veal (The Rescue of the Princess), Julianna Christern (JC, Me Described), Nicole Murphy (Halftime)

Common Clubs Fall-Winter 2020: Last Thursday, we held our Fall-Winter Common Club Fair.  Our club leaders whose proposals were approved, set up shop in the gym and shared the goals, protocols, and processes of their clubs with prospective club members.  We held our first club meetings on Friday and are proud to share our official clubs for the 2020 Fall-Winter Session: ROBOTICS, PHOTOGRAPHY, INTRAMURAL SPORTS, GAMING, CASINO CLUB, and CROCHETING/KNITTING.

  Students signing up for their Fall Clubs 


HS Events

Craig 8th Grader Shadow Program: As a part of our school tradition,The Craig School 8th graders spent part of a day last week touring and seeing our high school up close and personal.  The purpose of our shadow program is to allow our 8th graders to experience a High School setting.  For some, it was their first high school visit so what safer and better place to start the high school exploration process than right here at The Craig School- High School.  Our guests did a walking tour, had a little  Q and A, enjoyed our Student Break Bar, and played a little volleyball with one of our PE Classes!   

Some of our 8th Grade guests joining in on a little Volleyball! 


December Parent-Teacher Conferences: It is hard to believe that we are bringing up the month of December already!  During the second week of December (W-Fr, Dec. 9-11), we will be hosting our Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences.  For our new parents, you can choose a one-hour block in either the morning or afternoon and have the opportunity to visit your teen’s classrooms for one-on-one conversations with your teen’s teachers.  Days and Hour-Blocks to choose from are:


WEDS, Dec. 9th 






THURS, Dec. 10th 






FRI, Dec. 11th 



To schedule a conference, you can email Mrs. Maas at or call (973)334-1234 to set up your hour block window. Also, let Mrs. Maas know if you would like to also touch base with any of our specialists (Mrs. Blount, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. DeSimone-WEDS and FRI only) during your conference block. For those parents whose schedule doesn’t allow you to attend, you also have the option of a phone conference. Let Mrs. Maas know this and provide her with a phone number and time within our conference blocks that teachers can touch base.




Today, after many months of change in our world, our mission and core values endure, and the need for The Craig School is greater than ever before.  This is why we are encouraging our community members to participate in the Annual Fund in  a capacity that is meaningful to you.  All gifts received go right back into the school we all love by supporting our teachers  and specialists, providing cutting edge technology and programs, a safe and secure campus environment, and continuing growth of all of our students.

Click the donate here button below.




COVID-19 & Travel During Breaks

The Craig School is asking families who choose to travel outside of the state during the Thanksgiving and/or Winter break notify the school of such travel. Per New Jersey state guidelines, if one travels to a state listed as restricted for travel due to COVID-19, a self-quarantine of 14-days is advised. More information regarding out-of-state travel for New Jersey residents may be found here: Travel Advisory. Per medical guidance, testing upon arrival back into the state of New Jersey does not replace self-quarantine as one may spread COVID-19 to other people including family, friends, and community for 14-days after exposure to the virus, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms. The NJ Department of Health provides a rationale for this: Why can't I test out of COVID-19 quarantine? 


Daily attendance recording is a vital housekeeping task here  that keeps us all organized, communicative and running smoothly.  It is imperative that the school be informed and updated on each student in our care.  To that end, I’d like to remind parents to please let us know at Craig if we are to expect a change in your child’s status:  distracting mornings and changes in schedules aside, please remember your child’s welfare matters greatly to us and we need to be informed if they will not be in attendance as expected.  Call or e-mail us regarding attendance as follows:

High School Communication-Student Absences and Late Arrivals: If a student is going to be absent or late you can call the school at (973)334-1234  or email our school attendance specific email at, both of which will go directly to Mrs. Maas.  If we don’t hear from you by 9AM, you will hear from us!  

Please indicate if your student is:

(a) absent and is unable to attend virtually. This student will be marked “Absent.” 
(b) absent AND attending classes virtually. This student will be marked “Present.”

Craig High Info Letter: Week of June 15th

As our school years winds down, so too does our weekly CHIL.  And as we get ready to put up the “CLOSED” sign on the school year 2019-2020, it makes sense to take a giant mental step back and breathe a sigh of relief that we made it through.  It truly was a school year like no other.  I have always said to our students that there are events in each of our lifetimes that leave an indelible mark.  Some are private and personal, others like COVID 19 and its impact on our day to day lives now and in the future is one that we will continue to share as a community for a long time to come.  And although it may sound cliché by now, CHS-its students, faculty, and program will come out stronger on the other side.  We are so proud of our students but we have always known how strong and resilient they are.

Now everyone else knows too!  

Our last day of online classes will be this Thursday, June 18th.  We always keep that last day open (Friday, June 19th) for students to submit any final work and teachers to submit all final grades.  Report cards will be emailed out the week of June 22nd.  And finally, we have attached next year's school calendar for 2020-2021 to fill that void on your fridge!  Have an amazing summer and we will see you (fingers crossed) at our early August CHS Community Cookout in Montville!  

From the Craig Head of School

Dear Craig Parents,
Thank you again for your support over the last three months. I have been working with a “ School Reopening Committee” formally for the last several weeks, and informally since we left our campuses in March. I asked Niles Furlong, Assistant Director of the Lower School to chair this committee. He has involved several others with us as we plan for September. In July, The Craig School will begin sending specific information about school for September. There are two things that will be consistent in the messaging. First, safety and health issues are paramount and will drive each and every decision. Second, the State of New Jersey school requirements will be followed. There cannot be an exception to those protocols. I am confident that over the next almost three months when school is set to reopen for the 2020-21 academic year, there will be many scenarios presented. Please be assured that Craig has been and will continue to be proactive during these unprecedented times.
Mr. Tad Jacks

Boonton Farewell Tour 2020

As we wrap up our school year, we too wrap up our time at Boonton High. It has been a wonderful, dynamic, and enlightening six years and there is much we will miss. And fortunately for us, we have a good friend in the Superintendent of Boonton Schools, Mr. Rob Presuto who in our time together has been an amazing resource and voice of encouragement and inspiration to our students and faculty. He has asked if he could share that voice one more time before we make our way to Montville:

Dear Craig High School Students and Parents,
I wanted to share with you that since I came to Boonton in December of 2015, it has been my distinct pleasure to have CHS with us in Boonton High. Learning about the unique mission and commitment Craig has to its wonderful students was both humbling and empowering for me to help make BHS the best we can offer our students as well. It's been an honor to work with Dr. Cap (the embodiment of smart-passionate-zany-funny), and the Craig Board of Directors through some challenging times. Between the fire we all endured in March of 2018 to the latest flexible instruction due to the global pandemic, the students and faculty of Craig HS have always been great partners and peers in the Boonton school district family.

It's (truly) bittersweet to have CHS leave the "Craig wing" as we refer to it at BHS. While we are expanding our preschool program and adding other academic offerings at BHS, we are losing our smaller sibling school and wish you all the best in your new home. Please know you are always welcome in Boonton, not just the town, but more importantly, at any/all our school events. Congratulations to the CHS Class of 2020!
Robert Presuto
Boonton Superintendent

CHS Program Spotlight

CHS Summer Reading 2020: This summer, we have decided to create some cross-grade dialogues and build some summer reading community by going with a couple universal, high adventure, feel good,  highly-regarded young adult books for this year's summer reading.  Below are brief descriptions of each and a link to Amazon and the Barnes and Noble sites where both books are available in various formats from paperback to audio to Kindle.  
Also, attached is our summer reading project list where students can select how they want to express their summer reading experience. Our English teachers will be going over these with the students during the last week of school.

CHS 9th and 10th Grade Summer Reading
Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy

A modern take on the King Author and the Round Table legend with a few subtle changes and twists! When Ari crash-lands on Old Earth and pulls a magic sword from its ancient resting place, she is revealed to be the newest reincarnation of King Arthur. Then she meets Merlin, who has aged backward over the centuries into a teenager, and together they must break the curse that keeps Arthur coming back. Their quest? Defeat the cruel, oppressive government and bring peace and equality to all humankind. No pressure.

AMAZON Once and Future

BARNES AND NOBLE Once and Future

CHS 11th and 12th Grade Summer Reading
Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

WWII is drawing to a close in East Prussia and thousands of refugees are on a desperate trek toward freedom, many with something to hide. Among them are Joana, Emilia, and Florian, whose paths converge in route to the ship that promises salvation, the Wilhelm Gustlof. Forced by circumstance to unite, the three find their strength, courage, and trust in each other tested with each step closer to safety.

AMAZON Salt to the Sea

BARNES AND NOBLE Salt to the Seas

CHS 9th grader Josh Jehu-Appiah made signs of hope and love and drove around to the homes of members of his church to show that they were missed and being thought about.

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty and distancing, we need to find reasons to smile and stay positive each and every day.  Well, wWe got a good one for that!  We are so excited to welcome the latest member to the Craig High School family, little Ms. Reese Emory Brown!
Baby Brown was born on April 1st (no kidding).  She stands 1 ft 6 inches and weighed in at respectable 5lbs 13 ounces.  Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Brown and to Max who is now officially in the running for big brother of the year!  All email congrats can go to Baby Brown has her own baby registry at Amazon (

Message from the Head of School

Spring Break - different than what any of us envisioned just a few weeks ago but a new time to relax, reflect and enjoy each other. The Craig School staff, our students and our parents have been working very hard and we are so proud of the entire community.

We will be taking a break from the school patterns of these last weeks. We will continue to provide and share activities and stories through our social media but school will be closed to online classes through Spring Break and start back up Tuesday, April 14th.   Thank you to our entire community for coming together and making the last three weeks of distance learning a success.

Stay Well.

Tad Jacks

CHS Program Spotlight

PE/Healthy Eating Logs: CHS started up their daily PE/Health Program coordinated by Mr. Norton.  Each week includes an outreach from Mr. Norton, Student Fitness Log, the “Perfect Day of Eating”and a breakdown of M-Fr daily activities which include both outdoor activities and workout videos.   

2nd Trimester Report Cards: You should have all received through email our 2nd-trimester report cards.  Students all received a copy as well and their COACH will be reaching out to their COACHees after Spring Break to talk about game planning for the 3rd trimester.  If you have any questions about specific grades on the report cards, please feel free to email that teacher directly

CHS Parent to Parent Exchange

Working at Home-Desk Exercises and the 20-20-20 rule:  Working at home translates into a significant amount of computer and desk time.  The Craig Community shared a couple of insightful articles on how to make the best of both. 

The first is the 20-20-20 rule of excessive screentime-

The second is 15 exercises that you can do when stuck at your desk-

From the Craig School Office of Development

Use Amazon Smile to Support The Craig School: We all use Amazon now more than ever but many of us are unaware of AmazonSmile and how just by purchasing what you were going to buy anyway, you can raise money for the Craig School!  There is no additional cost either.  Here you’ll find the exact same prices, selection and amazon shopping experience as the traditional and Amazon will donate 0.5% of all of your eligible purchases to whatever charitable non-profit organization of your choice (which is, of course, the Craig School!)Here is what you do:
Go to
  • Use your same account on with AmazonSmile. Your shopping cart, Wish List, and other account settings will also be the same.
  • On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you will need to select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping.  
  • Click on SUPPORTING Tab located at the top left
  • In the Search Bar, type in Craig School and the Craig School, Mountain Lakes will be one of your options. Click on select and that’s it!
  • They will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at will result in a donation.
  • Bookmark to make it easier to get back to

It’s that simple so as we all endure our work from home situation, please think of the Craig School next time you need to put Amazon to work for you. 

Dear CHS Parents:

Based on what we have been reading and the general direction that things seem to have taken, it looks like our school closing for an extended period time is an inevitability.  

We have not made that call yet but something tells me that before today is out, we will have a better timeline of what lies ahead for Morris County Schools.

As we get ready to enter this uncharted territory, I just wanted to let you know that the CHS teachers have been dialoguing and developing our online plan to provide a level of continuity and routine to our students.  Many of these conversations and modeling sessions with our students have already begun and I will be addressing the students as a group this morning to go over their roles and responsibilities to their courses and their teachers when we do make the call to close.

Although there might be some modifications in real-time, here is our plan that we will be implementing:

  • Students will be receiving a schedule that lays out a 9AM-12:25PM daily Online School Day  
  • Students will have 6-periods daily with a 5 minute transition time between classes
  • Our focus will be only on courses that meet 5-days a week
  • Students will be using their school google accounts for everything
  • Google Classroom will be our primary source for daily lessons and materials
  • Google Hangout will be our primary source for teacher engagement, support, and fielding questions
  • Students will use Google Docs and Teacher emails to submit any requested or completed work
  • Students have the majority of their textbooks at home as an additional class resource

We have dealt with hurricanes, school fires, and prom so I have a lot of faith in this faculty and our students that when all is said and done, we will come out stronger as a school on the other side.  Know that I will be always available to you and our teens until we are back sitting across from each other once again.

We will reach out later today. Until then, be safe.

Dr. Cap

Eric M. Caparulo, Ed.D.

Craig High School

Giving at Craig

For more information on ways of giving or to make a donation online you can clicking here.


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