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Social Emotional Learning

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Learning Disabilities

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Dr. Kara A. Loftin Writes About:

Our Craig family is working well together. I should say working hard!
This week, I will get more Craig focused than my usual thoughts. We are putting much content on our website right now. If you look to the left of my Wednesday Thoughts, you will see messages that  have come to us from you.

This challenging time reminds me of why community is important. A friend of mine told me over the weekend, that he has never heard the word Empathy being used so often.  I agree.  This is a time to be emphatic.  I am trying to do better myself on this topic.  I also wish to add- Appreciation.

Today, I write about how much I appreciate all of you recognizing the efforts of the Craig Faculty. We asked them to "pivot" to online instruction and a new way of teaching for most of them almost overnight and they have risen to the occasion- and then some.

Welcome to 2020. I marvel at the symmetry of the numbers. Looking ahead it is going to be historic year.  First, the Craig School is going to celebrate its’ 40th Birthday.  You will learn more about all the celebrations planned. Second, many students and adults will remember this year because there will be so many events with the label- 2020 on it. Third, like other years- such as 2001, there is likely to be a movie with the title of 2020 in it. I am sure all of us will remind ourselves in the future where we were when something historic happened this year.  When I think about the coming months, I know that the ups and downs of life might not be any different than in 2019, so I do not want to imply that this calendar year simply that it is here, will be different, but as you know- it will be.

As many of you know, we welcome new students to our campus throughout the school. This is one of the joys I have had as Head of School. Our faculty and staff have been terrific in saying to each other- that is part of our school, In fact, most of the best conversations I have with families, after they have been here for a few months, are those conversations with families where they did not start the school year in September with us, but other months in the year. For most of the students, coming later in the year is daunting, and at the same time most of the students tell us- their teachers, Nicole Moon, our Director of Admission, Janet Cozine and Eric Caparulo, and others that everyone has been so welcoming. Many parents tell us that we have changed the dynamic in so many positive ways.  I am so glad to be part of a school that can do that.  It is a very good feeling.


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