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Please consider supporting The Craig School at one of these giving levels:

$100 Craig Supporter
$101-$500 Sponsor a Teacher's Workstation
$501 - $2000 Replacement of Technology
$2001-$5000 Sponsor Teacher Appreciation in the Fall
$ Level of your choice Honor a faculty member of your choice

(You can include a tribute during the checkout process to honor a teacher or student in the notes area)

Along with all of our lives this spring, our Craig School Annual Auction to celebrate 40 years has taken a different turn. At Craig, our strategy-based practices have taught us all the lifelong lessons that we can always rise to any challenge and we will succeed.

During the next few weeks, we will be sharing with you quotes and letters from our community on what The Craig School means to them. You may laugh or you may cry, but I think you will all be able to relate to the incredible impact the Craig School has had on the students who have passed through our doors. Even during these uncertain times, it's been amazing to witness how our teachers have continued to provide such a personalized and unique learning environment virtually and how the structure of the Craig academic day provides our students with the routine they need right now.

Although we won't gather together on May 2nd, The Craig School still needs your support! Our Annual Auction is vitally important to the financial well-being of the school, ensuring that our programs remain at the forefront of our strategy-based learning curriculum and that our faculty remains top tier. The auction supports our teachers and our programs and balances the budget of the school, and we are excited to announce a different opportunity allowing each of us to show our love for Craig from the security of our homes.

We are creating a virtual fundraiser offering various sponsorship opportunities to honor our school, as well as our incredible faculty and staff. A contribution in any amount will be appreciated.  

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Deb Gallo


Giving at Craig

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