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“Teachers motivate minds, guide learning, share achievements, inspire a love of knowledge, and lead our youth to a brighter future.” 


In this week of celebration and recognition of the extraordinary teachers at The Craig School, it is most fitting to honor them in the words of our students themselves. This letter, written to one of our middle school math teachers, by a current 10th-grade student who started her journey at The Craig School during middle school, highlights the lasting impact of our teachers:


I would properly like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my letter. Thank you so much for helping me with math when I was struggling. Not only have you made math my favorite subject, but you helped me to believe in myself and encouraged me to push myself to achieve bigger and better things. Thank you for encouraging me and making me feel like I can succeed in anything that I do. I know that all of your students will carry on the lessons you have taught us. Thank you for making every day feel like a new adventure and for making every day in your class so much fun. 


Before I came to Craig, I hated math and I struggled with it—no one was teaching me the right way. You offered to put me in a higher class in the eighth grade, and that pushed me to be able to do ninth-grade math and now, Geometry. I realized I couldn’t thank you enough. Without your help, I would not have achieved the distinction of High Honor Roll in math class. Thank you for making everyone feel so special and for always brightening up the room when you walk in.


This is what our teachers do, this is how they impact your children, and this is how our students feel. Our students have found a safe, positive school environment where they can try challenging things and know at the end of the day, whether they reach immediate success or not, our teachers support them every step of the way through with their unwavering belief in the ability and capability of each student. Let’s celebrate the exceptional teaching happening at The Craig School!  


Dr. Kara A. Loftin 




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