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Week of October 26th


Monday, October 19th – Friday, November 13th – Winter Coat Drive

Wednesday- October 28th – Interactive Workshop with Dr. Loftin – 7pm

Friday, October 30th  – Trunk or Treat/Halloween Parade, 1:30 PM

Friday, October 30th – EXTENDED! Last day for shorts

Monday, November 2nd – Goals and Objectives emailed to parents & districts 

Thurs-Fri, November 5-6 – School Closed, Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 13th – Trimester 1 Marking Period Ends

Monday, November 23rd – Trimester 1 Report Cards emailed to parents & districts


Dear Craig Families,

With the recent surge in Coronavirus cases in New Jersey we feel the need to take an abundance of caution and therefore our parent/teacher conferences will be held virtually. This was a difficult decision because all of us at Craig are missing those special touch points with our families. The most important factor that tilted the scale to virtual conferences was the success we have had keeping our school doors open to provide the students with direct, in person instruction. Could we consider an added bonus to virtual conferences to be that you might enjoy the convenience of being able to do the meeting from home or work?

Starting the week of November 2nd through the 13th we will have 2 conferences per morning. The rest of the conferences will be held all day Thursday and Friday November 5th and 6th. A conference sign-up schedule with instructions will be emailed today in a separate document. 

On Monday November 2nd you will receive your child’s first trimester goals and objectives. For our tenured families you will be excited to see the revised format. After a summer of collaboration, we have created what we feel are “Parent friendly” progress reports. They are clear, concise, and measurable. To clarify for new families to Craig these are not your child’s report card. The report cards are also sent out on a trimester basis with the first being emailed on November 23rd.

As we get closer to the week of November 2nd we will send explicit instructions for the meets and also our expectations for the conferences. Please be thinking ahead as to questions you would like answered. It is our goal to give you important information about the whole student, gather information from you, and create solutions together. Let’s use this time to learn and share to best help our students.


Janet Cozine


Pumpkin Chunkin’ 2020 is coming to The Craig School!

This year, our annual STEM competition will be an optional, at-home activity. Kits for those who choose to participate will be available from your child’s science teacher starting Monday, October 26th. The machines will be tested in science classes beginning on November 9th. The specifics about the competition will be included in the kits. Upon request, kits will be mailed home to virtual learners who choose to participate. 


Leadership Council – 

  • Halloween- Leaders have finalized the Halloween plans and are now gathering the supplies and organizing materials. It will be a blast!  Next Friday the 30th.
  • Dyslexia Awareness– Next week Leaders will go into homerooms to discuss dyslexia and raise awareness and dispel myths. They will also hand out red ribbons to show our support. We initially planned on selling them but the Leadership changed their opinion and decided they would rather the school stand in unity rather than only a few wearing the ribbons. 
  • MSU – A group of our Leaders continue their work with MSU, meeting virtually to grow and learn leadership skills. 
  • Coat Drive – our coat drive continues until November 13. Thanks to those who have already donated. If you haven’t, peak in your hall closet and see if you have any gently used winter coats that you are able to donate. The children in need would be truly grateful. 


RED RIBBON WEEK October 26-30st

  “Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free.” ™

Monday, October 26, 2020: Wear Red to School

  • Wear Red to school – during homeroom –Teachers will have a discussion with the students on what Red Ribbon week means, have the students read and sign the pledge and have an open dialogue on being drug free. Each class will be provided with the pledge and statistics on drugs in America which is provided from the state.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020: I am a “Jean-ius”

  • I am a “Jean-ius”- students are encouraged to wear jeans and denim today. The activity during homeroom will be for the students to come up with “Jean-ius” ideas for the classroom door decorating contest. The theme will be this year’s slogan which is “Be Happy Be Brave Be Drug Free”. The students will work in their homerooms on putting together ideas to decorate their homeroom doors. Students will work on their doors Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in homeroom.  The rules are as follows: 1.) Must cover the entire door 2.) Must have a theme 3.) Include drug free quotes. The winner will be decided on Friday 10/30/2020 at the end of the day and the prize will be a choice of a pizza party or ice cream social for 1st and 2nd place.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020: College Gear

  • Students can wear any college gear/ or technical school that they like (which is school appropriate) for the day. – The activity today during snack will be to have the students create a list with their teacher about things they can do in their world instead of taking drugs which will help them succeed in the future.

 Thursday, October 29, 2020: Favorite Sports Team

  • Be on a drug free team day- students are encouraged to wear their favorite sports attire (Craig sports gear a good choice as well). The activity for today will be during snack time the students can screen Natural High videos ( The videos are about current people and their decisions to live a natural high drug free life.

Friday, October 30, 2020: Trick or Trunk


  • During Homeroom- Red Ribbon Reflection Day- students will be asked to reflect on what this week felt like, what they learned and how they envision their future drug free.
  • Door judging will take place today at the end of the day 

Winner announced for door decorating contest


Phonemic awareness is an awareness of how our speech sounds match the print we read. It is important because it helps readers sound out new words and understand that letters are systematically represented by sounds. Here our fourth graders are using phoneme/grapheme mapping to “map” out the sounds in words before they spell them. 

In the coming weeks, the Language Arts Department will be beginning its transition into paragraph writing using the Project Written Expression program. As an introduction to this next step, we thought it would be enjoyable to do a pumpkin-themed activity the week of Halloween. This project will be cross-curricular with our science department as well, looking at the life-cycle of a pumpkin. Your child’s LA class will be focusing on the writing process using a brainstorming sheet, our graphic organizer program Mindomo, Google Docs, and our editing tools of Read and Write and Grammarly.  Certainly, everyone has a spook-tacular time!   


Badger X-Country Lower/Middle School 

It’s official, our team has surpassed 30 Badgers! The Badgers are working very hard to build both stamina and leg strength. They are also working on new friendships and team work. We are very proud of our team!

Cross Country Season Extended:

October 22nd 

October 27th

October 29th 

November 3rd

November 10th 

November 12th 


Homework Help Dates:

October 26th

October 28th

October 29th

If your child is in school and is leaving early or will not be coming to Homework Help, please email Mrs. Butter at or text/call the Homework Help line at 1-862-207-9863. Thank you!








A possible silver lining of the pandemic may be the understanding that our wellness belongs to all of us.  We as individuals can make decisions and choose behaviors that have potential to go beyond ourselves and affect the well-being of those around us.  It’s in this spirit of responsibility and group wellness that I express my gratitude and pride of belonging in the Craig School community. Through the collaborative efforts of school and home, we have been able to provide in-person learning to our students with a school day that resembles our “pre-COVID norm” as much as possible.   A large part of this is the understanding that the student who is ill should not come to school.  Thank you for evaluating your child before sending them to school; any one with cough, difficulty breathing, muscle ache, headache, sore throat, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, congestion, runny nose, and/or new onset smell or taste disorder should not come to school.  The student can return to school when they are symptom-free (regarding fever:24 hours without fever and without using fever-reducing medication) and have not, within the past 14 days to the best of your knowledge, been in contact (within 6 feet for greater than 15 minutes) of anyone infected with COVID-19.  If someone in the child’s household is being tested for COVID-19 please keep them home until the test result is known.  If traveling, please honor the NJ travel advisory lists and the recommended quarantines after returning home.  When your child is kept home from school because of illness, a negative COVID test result is not required for return, but, if while unwell you and/or your child’s health care provider make the determination that COVID testing should be done, please notify the School of a positive result as per our Community Commitment Social Contract.  Parents, thank you again for your cooperative partnership in providing a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone!

Parents, please be advised of the following travel restrictions for NJ residents: 

NJ Travel Advisory

Goals and Objectives and Report Cards

Trimester Schedule 2020-2021

Marking Period 1 September 3- November 15 

Goals and Objectives  

Emailed to parents and districts  – November 2

Reports Cards 

Emailed to parents and districts –  November 23


Marking Period 2 November 16- March 13 

Goals and Objectives 

Emailed to parents and districts – March 8 

Report Cards 

Emailed to parents and districts – Friday, March 22


Marking Period 3  March 15- June 17

Goals and Objectives  

Emailed to parents and districts – May 31

Report Cards 

Emailed to parents and districts – June 18


Please send an email to Kimberly McGroarty OR call our Main Line (973-334-4375 x101) for student absences before 7:30 a.m. We need to know:
(a) If your child is absent and is unable to attend virtually. This student will be marked “Absent.” OR
(b) If your child is absent AND attending classes virtually. This student will be marked “Present.”

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