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We cannot express with words how grateful we are to all of the staff at Craig

Perhaps, like many of us parents, you’re thinking if the Craig School is the right school for your son or daughter. It’s very hard and painful to see how our children hated to go to school, to see how much work it is for them to “catch up” with their schoolmates, to see the frustration that they feel because there is something different in them that doesn’t let them learn to their maximum potential, and not to be able to help them.

When we heard about Craig and they told us what they could offer our son, we knew that it was what we were looking for. The Craig School is a place where my son felt very welcome, among kids like him. The first change we saw was in his self-esteem. He started to be more confident, and this was because of the love of his teachers, the way they treated him, respected him and were concerned about him. This is what made him WANT to go to school. He felt proud of his accomplishments, and for us, that was priceless. After two years at Craig, our son was a different boy altogether. More confident, happy, and with academic accomplishments that revealed his enormous potential. The Craig School does miracles. His teachers do these miracles with our children.

We cannot express with words how grateful we are to all of the staff at Craig. For what they have done with our son, we will always be grateful to them.

The Craig School’s dynamic educational program, small class size and comprehensive support systems give students the specific learning strategies and program accommodations that allows for greater self-understanding, increased academic independence and improved academic success.

Our son Patrick’s experience at Craig High School has been nothing short of wonderful. He is finishing up his Senior year, and has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Craig has a small and loving family environment which fosters independence and self discipline; the entire faculty and staff have the student’s best interest at heart and consistently touch base with the parents so that we are all working together as a team. Patrick has been able to do his homework and projects without any assistance from us at home for the first time in his academic career, and while the faculty is fair, they establish rules and always follow through consistently. We are so proud to call ourselves members of the Craig High School family, and are saddened that our time at Craig is coming to a close. We highly recommend Craig!

We are half way through our first year at Craig school and our sixth grader couldn’t be more happy, confident or secure. She has expressed that she feels understood and that Craig School was made for her. There is no greater joy as a parent than to see your child thrive rather than see them shrink in the shadows of their teachers and peers. We are excited to see her greatness continue to unfold.

Our son struggled with his ADD in the public school right through 8th grade. We did the special education route and even hired tutors to try to help him. As the years went on our son lost his self esteem and he hated going to school. It was a battle to get him to school just about every day in 8th grade, he started to shut down, and he was miserable. We learned about The Craig School and as soon as we met with Dr. Caparulo and heard what Craig had to offer, we knew it was where our son had to go for high school. Each potential student spends the day with Craig, and when our son came home that day, he was so happy and told us he wanted to go to Craig because the teachers understood what he needed, that he liked that he could use a computer in class, and liked that the class size was smaller so he could focus better. His exact words were, “They get me.” Hearing those words put tears in our eyes because that was the exact moment when we knew there was hope. The Craig teachers are patient, caring, and are very good at their jobs. The school also has the latest and greatest technology to help the students become successful to reach their full potential. Our child’s personality has done a 180 degree turn after being in Craig for only 6 months: he is happy, his self esteem has improved greatly, and he likes going to school. In the quote by Ignacio Estrada, “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Craig is a perfect example of this quote. They did just that, they have methods to teach their students in ways that they can learn, and they do learn and are successful.

We are very grateful to the Craig School.

Cole went from a kid who never wanted to go to school again in his life to asking me how old he has to be to go to college. Cole told me that he has learned more in a month at The Craig School then he ever did at the public school he went to. Cole would never talk about school when you asked him before. It almost made him mad if you asked how his day was. Now being at The Craig school he can’t stop talking about what he is doing and learning, he loves science class and club the most. I see him using the techniques he is learning at school to read, stay organized and take responsibility for himself. He had such anxiety before at the local public school and now he is gaining such confidence.

After only 6 months, I can honestly say The Craig School has been life changing – for both my daughter and as a result for the rest of the family. I look forward to the next 6 months! On every level (academically, socially, emotionally) the school has provided my daughter with everything that she needs. Watching her become the girl we knew she always could be has been extraordinary. I run out of superlatives when trying to describe The Craig School.

Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.

A few things come instantly to mind. Firstly, after not progressing in 2 years from Kindergarten to 2nd grade, and becoming a child that bit his nails down to the quick, trembled when you asked a question and was considered to have possible “selective mutism”, Henry started at Craig school and everything changed. He is confident, learning, excited about school and most of all, happy. I think the biggest testimonial I can give is that if he’s sick, he cries because he can’t come to Craig. He travels 45 mins by bus every day each way and never complains! He has a sense of school pride that has been instilled in him, and self-pride that is priceless. He went from being dependent on a full-time aide, to being independent. I have so many good things to say about Craig, from the academics to the incredibly supportive infrastructure throughout the school for children that learn differently.

Dr. Cap, Thanks so much for your email! Yes, this is one of those moments to celebrate. Should take some pressure off of Ben as well to know that he DID get into a college and now we get to see which other schools accept him, so that he actually has choices and can weigh options. Hey, we are grateful to YOU and CRAIG HIGH SCHOOL for being in Ben’s corner and always looking to help him deal with the challenges that present themselves— and to encourage Ben to understand that growing up is “stepping up” and that it is the mission for all of us, regardless of our issues and unique challenges. I raise my cup of coffee to Ben, to you and to all of the talented people at CRAIG who encourage Ben to win.

Dear Craig: Many thanks for connecting me with Betty. It occurred to me that this is proof in action of how when Dr Caparulo says “even though you graduate Craig High, you are still part of the family”. I remember dropping you an e-mail, and getting a call from Betty the following morning. She scheduled Andrew on a non-testing day for her. And when Sandy changed everything, we spoke and texted while she was staying in Pennsylvania, and she again scheduled him for a week later (again, not her usual testing day). That would never happened without your efforts, and an incredible recommendation.. Craig High really does support its alumni!


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The Craig School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate based on race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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