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Most days I greet students at either of our school campuses upon their arrival to school. I find this to be a very important daily task as a Head of School. I enjoy it.  Over the years, I have met graduates from other schools and when I mention that I may know of their current or former head, I am delighted to hear that the Head knew each of the students’ first names. I strive to meet that ideal.  Why do I think this is important?  First, research at the college level reveals that students leave a college or university before graduating, not because that the school did not have the major, they wanted, but rather, the college student did not have a relationship with a meaningful adult in their academic life. If we extend that to our school, parents tell us that the student teacher relationships are why the parents are so happy with the school. As Head of School, I seek as many ways as possible to extend our reach as a school, and greeting students daily when they arrive, or addressing them by their first names each time I pass them is one way to help students feel wanted and connected to the school they attend. Happy students thrive at school. Our job is to make our students thrive.

Deb Gallo


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