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Deb Gallo

Craig Families Share Thanks to Teachers, Week Three On-line

Your teacher btw, are doing a phenomenal job. Hats off to you all... we are all learning on the go and I commend them all for their patience, their flexibility and their concern for Thomas. We are so grateful!

I wanted to reach out and tell you that you and the teachers are doing a really great job! Utilizing the technology to do live teaching has been key. Other schools are just posting work and teachers are available to answer questions via video - but don’t live teach.
The quick pivot of your teachers to keep teaching the students live has allowed the kids to not skip a beat. I have to say that we do not feel overwhelmed or stressed at all with Sivert’s school days (my daughter’s school is a different story).

Also, I can tell you that we would be completely supportive of 5 days of academic learning. Sivert said he preferred the academic learning and missed it Friday. 🙂 Just wanted to share from a student’s perspective.

I do want to add our voice to the many that you have already received, the work that you and the teachers have done at this crazy time is almost miraculous.

All I can say is that Rebecca has taken it incredibly seriously with a few bumps in the road not helped by the fact that her parents are not natural teachers! Your team have managed to keep her engaged which I can't thank you enough, particularly as I have been distracted with the work that we are doing at JnJ to fight the virus.

Thank you for all that you do for our children and from us a heartfelt thank you for what you do for Rebecca

Deb Gallo


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