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Deb Gallo

Letter to Parents, April 1, 2020

Today’s message is not about changes in our school schedule. This week Janet Cozine and Dr. Cap are sending you information as we prepare for our Spring Break. Mrs. Cozine wrote yesterday and will also communicate tomorrow about Friday. Dr. Cap has been in touch with students with announcements. We will have our division specific weekly newsletters (Friday and Sunday). My personal thanks for their leadership.

Next week will not be the Spring Break that any of us envisioned just a few weeks ago. That said, we are all getting creative, and I hope your family will take a break from the school patterns of these last three weeks. Our Faculty needs this break as well. I thank our Faculty for providing guidance and opportunities for students to be engaged next week. Again, our website has many resources available for all of you on our Parents page.

I have been speaking on the phone and online with many members of our Craig family.  The support and encouragement is meaningful to all of us. Yesterday, in my administrative team phone call, one of the team members noted that a big change for all is what is now being called physical distancing. I agree, by not being at school, I have not been “visible” to the parents or the students, nor our employees.  I am missing the carpool line. I am missing the Morning Gym time. I am missing walking the halls. I am sad the daily exchanges with your youngsters are not occurring.

In the coming weeks, I will continue to be communicating with you via SchoolAdmin on many matters as April and May unfolds. There are many questions about how we will proceed, and rest assured the school team is thinking about the questions important to our community.

Thank you again for your ongoing confidence and enjoy our Spring Break!


Tad Jacks

Head of School

Deb Gallo


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