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Frequently this year, I have “substituted” at the front desk in the Wilson Lobby. It has been a wonderful experience as I get to see our students go up and down the stairs and into and out of the Gym.  The comments about their day are priceless, and as a fly on the wall, I hear much about their day and their creative thoughts!

Creativity is not recognized as much as it should be, as there are rules in life that students and adults alone learn that at times, stop creativity.  I wish that was not the case, but so be it.

When our students leave for the weekend or for a break from school, I hope that they spend lots of time out of doors.  It is in the out of doors, in unstructured time that many people, find their creative being. About one month ago, James Taylor, a well-known songwriter who came onto the music scene in the late 1960’s, released an audiobook about his remembrances of his life before he was 21 years old. Mr. Taylor recalls that when his family moved to a rural part of North Carolina, and there was not much close by to do. Mr. Taylor and his siblings found many ways to entertain themselves. He claims that this was the source of his creativity.  My hope is that all of us find ways to unlock our own creativity. It can be very fulfilling.

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