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I am reminded that St. Patrick’s Day is often more like a multi-day celebration. Some communities hold parades and other celebrations a few days before March 17, the official day that we honor Saint Patrick of Ireland.  The Farmer’s Almanac states” Saint Patrick is the patron saint and the national apostle of Ireland. He is credited with successfully spreading Christianity throughout Ireland- hence the Christian celebration of his life and name”.

Why is this holiday enjoyed by so many people, even if they are not Irish? I do not know, but here is what I do know, particularly spending most of my adult life between Baltimore and Portland, Maine.  March is a tough weather month. The green shamrocks we see for St. Patrick’s Day tells us that spring is coming. Second, as a culture, we like traditions and this day helps us understand traditions. Families attend parades, lots of corn beef and cabbage gets consumed.

I have written about rituals in Wednesday Thoughts, and this is a holiday, an annual event and a ritual, that grabs our attention annually. It is hoped that if you have a family tradition that you celebrate it and do not let it fade away.

Speaking of traditions, our Annual STEM Family night is in about a week on March 19. I hope to see you there.

Deb Gallo


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