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In early June, I attended a memorial service celebrating the life of Gordon R. Jones. This service was a tribute to a man who had made a difference in the lives of children at The Odyssey School, a school in Baltimore, and very much like Craig.   What you need to know is how passionate he was to support The Odyssey School.  A brief look at the history of the School, shows that he was a man of great determination. The school would not be there without him- literally. It was not because of his own money. It was because he convinced others to give funds- and he never knew in most cases the amount of money the individual might give. To quote from the scholarship fund set up in his name, “it was Gordon’s strongest belief than an Odyssey education changes lives. What begins here changes everything”. He wanted nothing to stand in a way of a student’s opportunity to enroll.    At Craig, the message is the same- what happens here changes everything. During this celebration of a man’s life, we heard how his love of the school was only behind his family, and his hunting trips with friends. In January 2020, we are going to kick-off the 40th year of Craig. It would be great for us to celebrate all the good things about passion, grit and resilience that we focus upon as we help our students do the best they can and where we can change everything.

Deb Gallo


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