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Fun- the word really is an action word.  I enjoy podcasts, I listen to one that has the word of the day. Then through examples, the storyteller gives examples of how to approach each day with the word “fun” in mind. So here I go with a few examples. As you approach the rest of your day after reading my message, how will you have fun? For example, if you take a walk in the woods to see the start of the changing leaves, will you be focused on Fall being here, or will focus on the fun you will have in picking up twigs, sticks, leaves, pine cones, rocks and anything along the path.  For students, is it possible for them to simply state “Today, I plan to have fun” and change the direction of the day? Yes, students you can have fun in school and be right on task with what your teacher is presenting.  For adults, it is possible to have fun at work. For me, I have had lots of fun at work for many years and do not intend to change that attitude ever. I simply find ways to seek out others and then try to help all of us get to a positive solution and have some fun along the way. So here is to a day of fun.

Deb Gallo


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