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Week of September 21st


In this week’s Newsletter, we introduce our Back to School Afternoon as a Back to School option, spotlight/check on one of our recent graduates from the class of 2020, share one of the high school’s greatest student organizational tools, and talk a little lunch and Toy Hall of Fame!  



Tuesday, Sept. 15th-Friday, Sept. 25th –  Lunch Delivery Ordering Window (www.myfooddays.com)

Thursday, September 24th – VIRTUAL Coffee with the Head of School (8:30AM) 

Tuesday, September 22nd – Cross Country Practice – 3-4:30PM

Wednesday, September 23rd – 12PM School Close 

       Back to School Afternoon  – 12-1:30PM

       Back to School Night  – 7-8:30PM  

Thursday, September 24th -Cross Country Practice – 3-4:30PM

Monday, September 28th  – School Closed: Yom Kippur 



 High School “Back to School Afternoon” (BTSA) and “Back to School Night” (BTSN) Wednesday, September 23rd:  Just a reminder about the Back to School event plan for this Wednesday, September 23rd.  For safety and convenience, we are extending two BTSN opportunities:  

  • Back to School AFTERNOON (BTSA) for all of those parents who do pick up or have more flexibility in their afternoon schedules to join us from 12-1:30PM
  • The other option would be our traditional Back to School NIGHT (BTSN) event from 7-8:30PM (classes start at 7PM so arrive at 6:45-6:55PM)

The deadline for registering for either BTSA or BTSN was Thursday so if you missed that mark, please email Mrs. Maas at DMaas@craigschool.org upon reading this with which option works best for you

BTSA (12-1:30PM)

BTSN (7-8:30PM).   

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight-Maya Wicki-  Class of 2020:  Each September, we do a series of alumni outreaches to check in and see how things are going with our most recent high school grads.  This week we would like to share a little update on Ms. Maya Wicki, a member of last year’s graduating class.  In our last Maya update, she was accepted into the Clarkson School (https://www.clarkson.edu/clarkson-school) which is affiliated with Clarkson University and located in Potsdam, NY.  What made this acceptance so unique was that the Clarkson School is for high school seniors and provides an opportunity for them to begin their college career a year earlier.  


Maya and the Clarkson School 


Maya has been at Clarkson since August 16th where she joined 3500 other returning college students.  With COVID testing upon arrival and 3-Weeks of strict regulations, Clarkson has had “0” COVID cases as of today!  The Wicki’s also shared that Maya is adjusting well to college life, has an awesome roommate, and has a mix of online and live classes.  They also shared that due to safety concerns that Maya is not allowed to leave the North Country until Thanksgiving break so we won’t be seeing her until at least late November-early December.  


Maya Moving In! 


Program Spotlights

Trifolds: In our never-ending pursuit for organization and the ability to find recent assignments, notes, and reference pages, we are proud to share the CHS Trifolds!  Each student receives a specially labeled trifold that has each of their subject areas designated.  The mission is that students keep three things in their trifolds: Work they must do, work they have started, and work they will be handing in.  In addition, you will find the occasional study guide and reference pages for an upcoming test or quiz.  So, when your teen says they are looking for last night’s HW, you can say “did you check your trifold”?


10th grader Raul, 11th grader Armando, 9th grader Maleia, and 10th grader Lilli with their trifolds 



Parent-to-Parent Exchange Program

The Parent-to-Parent Exchange Program is an opportunity for us to tap into our greatest resources, each other.  If you come across an article, a workshop, an art show, or anything that you think would be of benefit to the parents, students, and families, email Dr. Cap at ECaparulo@craigschool.org and we will share it in our weekly newsletter.  This week we start off with a fun article that I am sure will make parents and students smile alike! 


Finalist for the National Toy Hall of Fame 2020: Last years finalist for the 2019 National Toy Hall of Fame included Care Bears, Nerf Blasters, Risk, and My Little Pony but when the votes of the public were tabulated, only three games were left standing: Matchbox Cars, Coloring Books, and Magic the Gathering Card Game!  This year, there are 12 toys vying for those 3 coveted spots in the Game Toy Hall of Fame, many of which we are confident are sitting on a shelf somewhere in your home.  We are pulling for Lite Brite, Chalk and Yahtzee.  To see the complete list of this year’s finalist and to place your vote, go to https://www.toyhalloffame.org/players-choice-ballot


Toy Hall of Fame Museum in Rochester, NY


Craig School Families, Let’s do this!!!  Thank you to all those that have submitted videos, we will be releasing them for everyone to see very soon!  Please take a moment to do a Flipgrid video to share! It only takes a few minutes!  

Since school looks a bit different this year and, as parents, we’re not able to meet each other through coffee socials and gatherings just yet, I thought it’d be fun to have each family do a short Flipgrid introduction which I will share with all of our families once completed.  This should only take a few minutes and I’ve provided step by step directions, but feel free to reach out to me (or your kids!) if you have any questions while creating the Flipgrid.  I’d love to have all videos submitted by Monday, September 14th.



1) Click on this  link https://flipgrid.com/7e8ad772

2) Press “Record a Response” and you’ll see a picture of yourself in the middle of the screen.  If you want to get fancy with filters and frames, check out the effects button (or ask your kids to help you…they have tons of fun with them!)

3) Once you’re ready to record press on the pink video recorder in the middle of the screen and it will count down “3, 2, 1” and then you’ll record your message.   

Please include:  

Your name

Your  child(ren)’s name(s) and grade(s) in school this Fall

How long you’ve been at The Craig School

One thing you love or a favorite memory from Craig  

4) Once you’re done recording, press the pause (II) button on the screen.  You’ll then press the green next arrow in the bottom right.  

5) If you’re happy with the message press the green next arrow again

You’re now ready for your selfie which will accompany your video

6) Press the pink camera

7) Press the green next arrow

8) You can then include your Display Name for your video

9) Click “Submit”

10) You’ll get a screen that says “Success” but you MUST hit “Complete” to finish the process!


Please join us on Tuesday,  October 13, 2020, for our annual Golf Outing at Ballyowen.  Click the link for more information on how you can support The Craig School! If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, contact Katie Burke, Director of Development at kburke@craigschool.org or 973.334.1295 ext. 229. 



Membership Drive

Our membership drive is in full swing.  If you have sent in your membership form, thank you! If not, there is still time. The form can be found in both the back-to-school packet and on The Craig School website For ease of payment, we now accept paypal for the membership fee.


Coffee With the Head of School

Continuing our much-loved community-building tradition of enjoying Coffee with the Head of School, please mark your calendars with the following dates/times. 

Thursday – September 24th – at 8:30 am Virtual 

Join Zoom Meeting

For questions or to RSVP email  pacsbadgers@gmail.com

Go Badgers!

Susan Gross, PACS President



Lunch Delivery Program-Ordering for October: The ordering window for October Lunches is open now through Friday, September 25th.  To register, place orders, or to re-order go to www.myfooddays.com

 If you are ordering for the first time you must click NEW PARENT where you will be prompted to ADD CHILDREN and then use NJ, Morris, Montville, The Craig School and our school zip code 07045 when asked. You have multiple ways to pay including credit cards and PayPal! In addition to our delivered lunches, there are items that will be available every day of the week and are listed on each day’s menu (i.e. water, chips, cereal).  Credit will be given for days when the school is unexpectedly closed due to weather.  Local Montville Restaurants that will be providing our lunches include Eli’s Bagels, Pizza Cucina, and Fortune City.  If you have any questions, reach out to our Lunch Program Chair and Parent, Amanda Jahn at amandajahn77@gmail.com

High School Communication-Student Absences and Late Arrivals: If a student is going to be absent or late you can call the school at (973)334-1234 (Kept our same awesome phone number!) or email our school attendance specific email at HSAttendance@craigschool.org, both of which will go directly to Mrs. Maas.  If we don’t hear from you by 9AM, you will hear from us!  
Please indicate if your student is:

(a) absent and is unable to attend virtually. This student will be marked “Absent.” 
(b) absent AND attending classes virtually. This student will be marked “Present.”


The Craig School Calendars – Weekly/Monthly View


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