Last week, I mentioned Valentine’s Day as a positive day in what some think is a tough month.  I was told that Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday to get us through the winter, and it is not. In preparing to write this entry, I did want to learn more about the origin of this holiday.  For brevity, I am going to tell you that February has long been celebrated as “a month of romance”. I suggest you read about St. Valentine to learn more. The story is both romantic and odd for how we celebrate this day in modern times.

When I think of a “month of romance” in a school, I am not thinking of romance in the traditional sense. I am thinking of appreciation of people, and telling people that we appreciate them. At school, I hope all of us are sharing our appreciation of what is taught to us- old and young, school teacher to student, staff to staff, and school to our parents. We need to be appreciative of each other’s gifts and talents. We need to be appreciative of the efforts that every person in our community daily to do the best they can to contribute to the community. We need to continue to “share the love”.  Have a great St. Valentine’s Day.