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Deb Gallo

March 11 Letter to Parents

Dear Craig School Parents,

On March 6, 2020, we received “Guidance Regarding Requirements for Public-Health Related School Closure” from the New Jersey State Department of Education.   I was also able to participate in an online briefing, along with others at school. The New Jersey Department of Health has issued the following statement.

“In the event a board of education is provided a written directive by either the NJDOH or the health officer of the jurisdiction to institute a public health-related closure, the board of education may utilize home instruction to provide instructional services to enrolled students”

You may be aware that school districts have a state mandated schedule for a total amount of days in school during a school year. The guidance above is to reassure districts that providing home instruction in the case of public health-related closure counts towards meeting the annual requirement.

The Craig School Faculty and Staff has determined an overall plan.

  1. We will send a Packet of information primarily focused on reinforcement of skills with new material introduced either with our students or mailed home. A student will receive as much as possible in a “paper packet”. We may also use email with documents attached.
  2. Student learning plans to cover upwards of 14 days. Each teacher will determine how all the plans will be delivered.
  3. We will utilize Google Classroom programs as we do now. Students who are using online programs currently will continue to use them. Some teachers have been posting practice lessons/videos to GC in preparation for school being suspended on our campus.
  4. Teacher instructions will include details relevant to their subject and class, as Craig School has individualized approaches now.

Our hope, as I am sure is your hope, that we will not have an interruption to our regular schedule.

It is likely that this will not be my last communication on this matter in the coming weeks. I will continue to update our community about upcoming events and our plans concerning those events.



Tad Jacks

Head of School

Deb Gallo


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